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Surrounded by psychopaths
Book Review: Surrounded by Psychopaths
I currently read a book  Surrounded by psychopath, and I was so supposed to go to a book club to discuss it. Let me make something clear, if it wasn’t for the book club, I would...
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girl math
I hate the concept of girl math
The girl math concept. You’ve probably seen this all over social media. Just to give you an idea, the hashtag #girlmath has 65.9k posts on Instagram and 104.4k posts on TikTok. If...
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what is self-care
What is self-care?
What is self-care? Everyone is talking about self-care. The hashtag #selfcare has 81.2 million posts on Instagram. All the brands, influencers, YouTube videos, and even blogs are discussing...
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AI perception in the workplace
AI Perception in the Workplace
AI… the hottest topic of 2023. So many events, so many articles, so much research. Our present is changing; we are not the same anymore. The older generation is engaging in new...
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white feminism
What is White Feminism?
Feminism fights the battle for how women should be perceived as equal to men. It revolves around women fighting for their rights to have the same opportunities as men. However, what...
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How to discover your passion
How to Discover Your Passion?
How to Discover Your Passion? The question ”How to Discover your Passion?” goes back a long way. When I was a kid, my dad used to tell me, ‘Rita, you need to find...
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